In this page you will find information about activities for the team - these are organized activities. If you have an activity to help the team bond, please share it.

  1. Brevard Zoo Team Experience - this will be our first team bonding activity. There are several choices to make about this activity. The Easy course is 21 elements and 2 zip lines for $29.95, the Intermediate with 0 elements and 9 zip lines for $39.95. The other Intermediate has 35 elements and 14 zip lines for $49.95. We will talk on Thursday about which one to do. Just think about it.

Recap of our trip.

  1. Mother Nature was very kind to us. The Rain held up ----- super.
  2. After the group orientation we all tried the "mock course" and did very well. Now we were ready for the trees.
  3. Had lots of fun and everyone enjoyed it.
  4. Then Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.[1]
    IMG 20171112 112807350
    IMG 20171112 112835732
  5. To see all of the pictures go to pubxcijlIT2SaZF53